Best Of The London Blogs: 13-19 March

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Best Of The London Blogs: 13-19 March

Best Olympic Post of the Week
Olympic posts By Diamond Geezer

Bow-based blogger Diamond Geezer continues to denoodle the tangled intricacies of the 2012 Olympics. Want the best tips for booking tickets? Want to know how different strategies might play out? Have you seen the draconian terms and conditions, which could lead to your phone being permanently confiscated? And are there alternative ways to get tickets? We strongly recommend you read these posts before booking.

Honourable mention: Inside Croydon also has a detailed highlights post, with tips on the best tickets to apply for.

Political Post of the Week
Ken Livingstone: The Change and No Change Candidate, by Dave Hill's London Blog

Last week, Tim Donovan turned the grill up to 11 when interviewing Ken Livingstone on the Politics Show. Ken's anti-cuts stance is all well and good until questions are asked about where money would be saved. Dave Hill neatly dissects the would-be mayor's stance on spending.

Honourable mentions: Sticking with theme, Adam Bienkov, writing for Snipe's Scoop blog, compares Ken's treatment and performance on the Politics Show to that of mayoral incumbant Boris Johnson. Meanwhile, Trial by Jeory blog discovers that Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman provided a character reference for an unlicenced minicab driver accused of sexual assault, unaware of the nature of the charges against his constituent. An emotive comments thread ensues.

Best Secret-London Post of the Week
Walking Through The Grey Soul Of London, by Robert Kingham on The Working Life of Museum of London blog

Robert Kingham will run a series of epic guided walks around Finsbury and Clerkenwell in April and May for the Museum of London. In this sparkling blog post, he outlines some of his themes and ideas. Not your everyday guided walks, these. Robert spins hugely enjoyable tales of local history (he studiously avoids the term 'psychogeography'), drawing on the works of poets, novelists and visionaries while ducking into a few of the area's better pubs. Even Peter Ackroyd would learn a thing or two about Sadler's Wells, Mount Pleasant and the Fleet Valley from this tour. The April dates are now fully booked, but you may be able to get a place on the 8 May or 11 May walks. Phone the museum box office on 020 7001 9844.

Robert Kingham previews his upcoming tours.

Best Street Art Post of the Week
Streatham's Chalk Shadow Sketches, by Streatham Pulse

Simple but effective: someone in Streatham's been chalking around the shadows of street furniture. Image from Streatham Pulse.

Gravest Post of the Week
Five charlatans, eccentrics or otherwise notable personages buried at Kensal Green, by Mike Pollitt on Snipe

Including the duelling Victorian surgeon who was born a woman, and the man who broke Oscar Wilde.

New Blog Discovery Of The Week
Now. Here. This.

In which Time Out London launches a blog. Again. Previous incarnation, The Big Smoke, offered original insights into London life in all its forms — from the plight of London's homeless, to riding all of the capital's buses in numerical order. By contrast, new blog Now. Here. This. tells you where to go and what to buy. This is certainly more in keeping with the parent magazine's recent shift to the more commercial, but it'll be interesting to see if Time Out can add anything other than their recognised brand name to an already crowded online niche.

This is a subjective pick of local blog posts. We'd love to hear about any other excellent posts we may have missed. Please comment below.

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