All London's Pubs In One Diagram

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All London's Pubs In One Diagram

Using the power of Wordle, John Coats of has put together this representation of London's boozers, where the size of the font indicates how common the name is.

The most ubiquitous pub in London turns out to be the Prince of Wales, which therefore appears in the largest font. Conversely, there is only one Leighton Arms, so this appears in the smallest font.

The diagram covers the whole of Greater London. Its data are drawn from various online databases, including Beer in the Evening, Fancyapint and CAMRA.

Says John:

We went for pubs as there are simply too many bars to fit on one design (perhaps this is a project for someone else!) and pubs have a habit of keeping the same name for longer! We'd encourage any Landlords who think their pubs have been ommitted  to get in touch (We will be updating the design in the future and do want to make sure we are as accurate as possible).

You can get hold of a full-resolution poster from pubstops for £6.95. You might also enjoy the company's Tube-map-style chart of City of London pubs, which we covered previously.

Last Updated 07 March 2011