Jubilee ‘The New Misery Line’

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Jubilee ‘The New Misery Line’

The beleaguered Jubilee line has been branded the ‘new misery line’ by an MP following a catalogue of delays and breakdowns.

‘It's such an acute problem that you would've thought it was something that the Mayor would do something about, but he hasn't. It's a disgrace to London,’ said David Winnick today.

The MP is the latest person to criticise the line after a breakdown earlier this month apparently made Boris Johnson ‘incandescent’ with rage. We reported back at the end of 2009 that the irritating and seemingly ceaseless weekend closures would extend into 2010 and so they did, though it did at least galvanise the mayor into action and he brought the failing Tube Lines enterprise under the TfL umbrella in an attempt to improve matters which we kind of think counts as doing something about the problem.

While this will hopefully prevent TfL from being held hostage again in the long term, there are still a number of short term problems for them (and therefore us) to contend with though last November they did promise the Jubilee line would be ready this spring. TfL, despite following the time-honoured tradition practiced by politicians of blaming the disarray on the previous management, say their new signaling system is in use and ‘significant progress has been made’.

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Last Updated 24 February 2011