Jubilee Line Closures To Stretch On Through 2010

Dean Nicholas
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Jubilee Line Closures To Stretch On Through 2010

Jubilee_carriage24Sep09.jpg Having previously conceded that it would miss the December deadline to complete long-overrunning work on the Jubilee line, PPP contractor Tube Lines has now admitted that closures could be necessary on up to 28 weekends next year. Assuming parts of the line are closed every weekend, that means the work won't be completed until 2010's halfway in the bag.

The grim news has exercised Boris Johnson: on Friday he wrote a stiff missive to Tube Lines boss Dean Finch, demanding that the company "deliver a credible programme for a reliable line upgrade which includes the true extent of closures you will be seeking". Tube Lines has previously blamed London Underground for the delay, claiming that they have been given only half the weekends asked for, an argument that crumbles when you consider that the line has been closed for almost every weekend between June and November this year.

London Underground is concerned that the delay could endanger Tube Lines' forthcoming upgrade of the Northern line, which currently has a delivery date of January 2012; staff and equipment used on the Jubilee line are to be transferred upon completion, and the longer it runs over, the more chance there is of a knock-on effect for other projects.

Pissed-off Jubilee liners can expect a third more capacity when the upgrades are complete, but they're going to become awfully familiar with rail-replacement bus drivers in the meantime.

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Last Updated 07 December 2009


What really pisses me off is that TFL allows BOTH the DLR and Jubilee Line to close on the same weekends, effectively isolating a whole quadrant of East London and the Docklands since we don't have buses to the centre, or overground alternatives.

The only upside is that on non-Jubilee days, Canary Wharf shopping centre is a chav-free joy !


I work at one of the stations on the East End of the Jubilee Line and face the lovely prospect of the Metropolitan Line being shut at the same time and the 2hr15minute journeys from home in Ruislip to get to the station I work at. Which is closed in such a not-so-glorious fashion. The stupid thing is, the Metropolitan line are scheduled to have planned closures next year anyway for track replacement work. Rather than allowed the dissolved Metronet to kill two birds with one stone and get some of that work done now whilst the line is shut, Tube Lines, being the selfish boobs that they are, won't let them come into the workspace on the track (or 'possession' as we call it). And the Jubilee line will have to be shut (between Finchley Road – Wembley Park) anyway because the track equipment used to put down new rails and stuff needs the space to do it. Too many paper shufflers and bean counters in the way of this common sense though.

I do feel sorry for those who use the Jubilee line or solely rely on it (if you live somewhere like North Greenwich), being a regular user of it myself and having to trek hours across London and back just to get from home to work and back again. I get upset that I am running out of things to say to my regular passengers who ask nicely about what's going on and I feel embarrassed to have to say to them, "Just read the Evening Standard to find out," as the papers seem to be getting more information about what's going on than us on the front line.


Tube Lines are saying that they only need six more closures. If TfL (under Boris's leadership) are now saying that 28 closures are needed, I wonder if they are setting themselves up for a headline in a few weeks: "Mayor Champions Passenger Rights by beating down Jubilee closures from 28 to 6"


It's more a case of six months, multiplied by how many weekends there are, and chuck in a few extra days like the Christmas four-day shut down and Easter shut down. That's how they must've come up with 28. If Boris hadn't milked the collective TfL kitty (where LU contributes the most money, only to have that money palmed off elsewhere) for projects like Crossrail, where we can only hope of seeing the results if the Jubilee line is anything to go by, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess now.

I can see where you're coming from though markle. No wonder the actual stations and train staff are being kept in the dark about it all – I'm sure there's some massive PR stunt and revelation about to explode in the headlines in the following weeks. If the Evening Standard have managed to dig up so much inaccurate information from somewhere for their 24/11/09 article, something's bound to be in the works and Boris shall 'save' everybody again.