Phallic Worship, Fraudulent Mediums And Monstrous Lesbians

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Phallic Worship, Fraudulent Mediums And Monstrous Lesbians

Where else but Treadwells? The esoteric Covent Garden book shop has a particularly eyebrow-raising series of events over the next few months that should appeal to anyone of a mystical bent.

Phallic Night (3 February, 7.30pm) draws from A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, an 18th Century book about ancient rituals devoted to the male genitalia. Expert of the arcane, Phil Hine, should rise to the occasion, relating the historical account to modern pagan practices. Tickets £7 on the door.

Through A Glass Darkly (4 February and 4 March, 7.30pm) recreates a Victorian seance, when 'fraudulent mediums' (don't mention the word 'tautology') would cold-read participants, revealing past lives and messages from beyond the grave. The performance will include attempts to read the minds and tell the fortunes of audience members. Tickets £10.

Other notable events include a talk on early 20th century lesbianism (and its 'monstrous threat' to society; 17 February) and the Spring Equinox ritual (20 March). Those who want to drink even deeper might check out an evening devoted to pagan BDSM (25 May) and the intriguingly titled night of Ethical Psychic Vampirism (26 May).

Last Updated 20 January 2011