English Heritage London Blue Plaques Mapped

By Lindsey Last edited 146 months ago
English Heritage London Blue Plaques Mapped

A new map showing the location of all 957 (as of January 2011) English Heritage London Blue Plaques and also about 30 Southwark Council Blue Plaques (marked in green) was published yesterday.

More comprehensive than PlaqueGuide and more singleminded than the marvellous memorials site London Remembers it's ideal for idly browsing the homes of the historic great and good or planning a plaque pursuit perambulation.

We salute the mappy tenacity of creator, Roy Reed, whose painstaking mapping was a labour of love.

Screengrab of the map courtesy of Roy Reed. Interact with the real map at his website.

Browse our directory of Alternative London Maps. It needs an update to include London's Moving Football Clubs and London's Commonest Surnames from yesterday, but is a London cartography lover's dream list.

Last Updated 26 January 2011