Christmas Pub Quizzes For Geeks

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Christmas Pub Quizzes For Geeks

If you like science, technology, design, the interplay of the three, and a bit of Christmas booze, we have two events that may be of interest...both written and conceived (though not, this time, presented) by Londonist's M@.

Head to the British Library tomorrow night (7 December) for the cringingly titled Let's Get Quizzical Christmas quiz, part of the institution's TalkScience series. Six rounds on science trivia, leavened with amusing images of scientists obscured by giant...well, you'll have to wait and see. You'll need to book in advance (£2 per person for teams of up to five). The fun starts at 6pm.

The second quiz  takes place in the Book Club's basement bar on 20 December (7pm). The theme is again sci-tech, but will stray into more creative areas such as design, architecture and probably a fair bit of geeky silliness. The quiz is organised by the good folk behind the SameAs meetups - monthly get-togethers for anyone with a curiosity about the world around them. Buy quiz tickets here.

Know any other nerdy/geeky Christmas quizzes, which aren't just shameless plugs for stuff that Londonist M@ is involved with? Let us know in the comments...

Last Updated 06 December 2010