Students Brave Snow For Third Protest

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Students Brave Snow For Third Protest

After marching, nay, jogging across London in a game of cat and mouse with police, thousands of students have now occupied Trafalgar Square in protest at the rise in university tuition fees. As the snow falls and the sun goes down, the kettles are coming out. Lines of police prevent the protesters moving towards Whitehall. As with the previous two demonstrations, the mood has been largely good natured, but there have been reports of scuffles and baton-mongery. We'll update this post if anything develops.

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Image by Johanna in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 30 November 2010


The protests are also about EMA cuts


Ah, but that's the problem. These protests lack coordination from a central source and nobody (not even some of the protesters) are able to communicate exactly what issue they are protesting. Doesn't help that the NUS response is so tepid and being led by a man who only wishes to further a career with those the rest of you oppose.