Smoke Joins Facebook, Twitter

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Smoke Joins Facebook, Twitter

If magazines and websites about London could snuggle up to one another, engage in a drawn-out courtship and eventually marry, Londonist would long ago have got down on bended knee to the dainty, delightful unperiodical that is Smoke. Every few months, this diminutive fanzine hits the shelves of random London book shops, offering a mesmerising dollop of stories, poems, essays, cartoons and assorted nonsense about the capital.

Finally, the object of our affections has become more approachable (or, at least, stalkable), with a move onto the internet. Specifically, they've set themselves up with both a Facebook page and Twitter account. If you enjoy the more unusual aspects of the capital, moody black and white images of quotidian quarters, or have a secret urge to do something illegal with romantic novelist Tricity Bendix, Smoke's most enduring creation, then follow these guys right now.

Last Updated 23 November 2010