Internet Week: Over 100 Events For Geeks And Their Friends

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Internet Week: Over 100 Events For Geeks And Their Friends


Come 2080, the Global Cyber-Entity will be holding a 'Human Week', looking back to those charming far-off days when lumps of meat ruled the planet. For a little while longer, though, we are the masters and can celebrate our growing digital culture with happy, naive abandon. Welcome to Internet Week, a European festival of all things 0 and 1.

As befits its 'New Silicon Valley' ambitions, London's festival is home to a motherboard of events. Over 100 of them, in fact, mostly aimed at internet professionals but with a number of happenings for the general populace. Some highlights (copy and pasted from the press release, in best internet fashion):

8-12 Nov: A live game in Hoxton Square, in which players will 'have to dodge ghosts and collect evil pumpkins to score points, using the latest night vision camera and electro-magnetic field detection technology'. Erm, perhaps not in this weather, and in those Shoreditch skinny turned-up jeans.

8 Nov: BBC Online Comedy - Funny videos, live comedy and a chance to see how the BBC are developing comedy online. (The Roxy Bar and Screen).

10 Nov: URL - The Night: A costume party for the internet, encouraging costumes modelled after your favourite website, meme, or anything inter-webby that’s inspired you. (Nov 10, Villain aka East Village). Music by Rick Astley?

11 Nov. Internet Week Bike Ride - A group of enthusiastic cyclists are inviting everyone to join them on a tour of the day’s events, finishing up at Channel 4 with an exclusive screening of three short films from Rapha and Ridley Scott Associates.

Well, that's just a taster. There's plenty more to see, do and fondle over on the festival's website, especially for those working in the internet industries.

Image by pixelthing in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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