Wanted: Photos Of Everyday Life

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Wanted: Photos Of Everyday Life


Or, to be more specific-ish:

...images that reveal the everyday of ordinary citizens, such as wedding photos, front rooms, tea parties, family life, school photos, portraits in uniform and Sunday best, personal records of demonstrations, politics, happenings and communities, to name but a few.

The appeal comes from Autograph ABP (sorry iPhone/Pad readers, they've built their site in Flash), a charity that works to 'educate the public in photography, with a particular emphasis on issues of cultural identity and human rights'. A roadshow at Rivington Place this Saturday (23 October) asks visitors to bring along their own family albums and snapshots from everyday life. The pictures will be digitised and added to an image bank that aims to show the 'missing chapter' in British photographic history. So, time to dust down those old albums and head along to Shoreditch this weekend.

Unearthing the ‘Missing Chapter’ takes place on 23 October 2010, 12-5pm at Rivington Place, Shoreditch. Further roadshows will follow. Image from Autograph ABP.

Last Updated 21 October 2010