London's Unusual Specialist Suppliers...Mapped

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London's Unusual Specialist Suppliers...Mapped


Remember that map of good cafes for freelancers? The people who created it are no one-trick ponies, and have now produced a chart of specialist suppliers.

Partly, it reads like a shopping trip from Tudor times: chandlers, bookbinders, knife sharpeners and cobblers are neatly plotted and indexed on the A3 fold-up map. But you'll also find a spy shop, expert hi-fi advice, and recommendations for all your rubber and leather needs (both in the N1 area, for some kinky reason). It's the perfect resource for tracking down the otherwise clandestine Invisible Mending Service, lurking imperceptively on Thayer Street.

The guide is, in it's own words, neither comprehensive nor unbiased, but it does make for magical reading. Especially if it takes you to the wonderful International Magic Shop on Clerkenwell Road.

You can obtain a copy for just £3 from Herb Lester Associates.

We put together our own selection a few years back, including a building that vends animal memorials, a shop specialising in mosaic pieces and a now-disappeared pine merchants that went by the name of Shoot the Aged.

Last Updated 12 October 2010