The Freelancer's Map Of London

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The Freelancer's Map Of London


See, our instinct would have been to put together a Google map of all our favourite spots, then use Twitter to canvass additions from readers. But there's a certain allure and charm to this hand-drawn, personal selection of London's best cafes and bars for a laptop friendly latte. Jane Smillie and Ben Olins of small company Herb Lester Associates created the map, which is 'aimed at all those thousands of people like us who don't have a fully-functional office to call their own'.

The gazetteer covers beginner-freelance venues, such as the ICA, British Library and Royal Festival Hall. But we also picked up some new bolt holes to try out, such as the Club Bar at the Grosvenor Hotel (Victoria) and a little-used room above Maison Bertaux in St Giles. Each place is reviewed from the point of view of an itinerant worker "...Well-intentioned but ineffective table service means you can linger here for hours...undistrurbed" (Wallace Collection), with an indication of whether a venue has wifi. It's all good stuff, and you can send your own suggestions to herb - at - Email the same address if you'd like to get hold of a copy, at £3 including packaging.

Last Updated 23 February 2010