Free Wifi In London: Londonist App Launches

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Last Updated 26 October 2010

Free Wifi In London: Londonist App Launches


Note: This iPhone app is no longer available.

Looking for a free wifi spot in London? We've just launched an iPhone app that shows cafes, bars, restaurants and other places offering this service.

We first mapped the capital's wifi options three and a half years ago as a web-based Google map. The new app takes the original map as a starting point, and adds geoawareness to help you find the nearest spot to your current location. The app also includes access to further information about each venue and notes on whether you'll be able to plug in your laptop.

In addition, we've contacted every venue listed in the app to make sure details are correct (Aug 2010). Of course, any app like this cannot be comprehensive, and information is subject to change as and when venues decide to begin or withdraw a free wifi service. We find new places to add every day, so the app will continue to grow over the coming year. We've built in a feedback system so users can help us keep the app up to date.

The app includes any venue that offers free wifi service without any charge, loyalty requirement or membership. You may need to get a password from staff in some venues.

Free Wifi London is available now in the iTunes store, price £1.19. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.