Mark Wallinger Leads Fight Against Arts Cuts

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Mark Wallinger Leads Fight Against Arts Cuts


A new campaign to save arts funding gained momentum today with this Banksy-like image from Mark Wallinger. The artist, famous for his 1999 fourth plinth commission Ecco Homo and the giant white horse set to go up in Kent, has spent ten minutes in Photoshop to rip apart Turner's iconic The Fighting Temeraire, whose intact version can be seen in the National Gallery. Wallinger has named his work 'Reckless', explaining: "I describe the cuts as a reckless adventure. In fact temeraire means reckless in French and by removing the obsolete ship from the scene I am rendering the painting wreckless.” Watch out Tim Vine.

A new image by a leading artist will be released each week in a bid to gain petition signatories and win the argument for arts funding. At a time when massive cuts are expected to more life-or-death aspects of society, the humble Temeraire and its friends may be sadly outgunned.

Last Updated 21 September 2010