London's Top 10 Most Depressing Street Names

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London's Top 10 Most Depressing Street Names

Patrick Hamilton's Hangover Square might be fictional, but London certainly has its fair share of addresses you perhaps wouldn't want to live at.

10. Droop Street, Kensal Green.

Does it become Erect Street, when stimulated by enough traffic?

9. Bleak Hill Lane, Eltham.

Check it out in Street View - lives up to its name.

8. Downman Road, Eltham.

It's enough to get a man down.

7. Blackness Lane, Keston

If it's any consolation, this narrow route leads from Jackass Lane to Pratt's Bottom. What kind of tragi-comic psyches must the residents possess?

6. Headstone Road, Harrow

We have grave concerns about this street, and the neighbouring Drive, Lane, Gardens and House.

5. Lynch Close, Blackheath

Not the sort of place you want to be delivering junk mail.


4. Teardrop Centre

Bit of a cheat as it's just outside the M25, to the East near Swanley, and not labelled in Google Maps. But we couldn't leave out this place, which has perhaps the least propitious name for a business park in the world.

3. Cutthroat Alley, Ham

You'll need an A-Z to find this one as well, as it's not in Google Maps. Perhaps not a place to linger at night. Or ever. But the best/worst thing about Cutthroat Alley is that it leads into...

2. Melancholy Lane, Ham

It's difficult to think of a more depressing name for a road than this alleyway behind Ham House. That is, apart from...

1. Labour In Vain Road, Sevenoaks.

We'd love to know the story behind this one.

Got any more to add to this depressing admixture?

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I've always thought 'Houndsditch' (near the Gherkin in the Cityy) was pretty gloomy since I found out it was named after an open sewer into which they threw canine corpses, and when I worked in Clerkenwell we often went to a pub in 'Bleeding Heart Yard' just off Farringdon Road, named after an incident in 1626 when a lady was found the morning after a grand ball, on the cobbles and with her heart still pumping blood from her torn body.


Labour in Vain Road is actually in the village of Wrotham, just outside Sevenoaks. It's a phrase of biblical origin. Many pubs in Britain have this name.


Shoot Up Hill in Kilburn? There's nothing like the image of a road fulk of skagheads to cheer you up first thing on a Monday morning.


Remnant Street in Holborn always sounds depressing to me.


Coldbath Street in Lewisham always makes me shiver as I walk past


Moody Street, Tower Hamlets


Batchelor Street in Islington. Makes me think of combovered 55 year olds in saggy Y-fronts eating microwaved readymeals in front of the TV on a Friday night.


Ha-Ha Road XD


Mundania Road in East Dulwich is pretty dull...imagine living in a road that's so mundane it's called Mundania. Also Therapia Road - what's that about?


Loveless Gardens in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.


What about BLACK BOY LANE between Harringay and Seven Sisters?


Why isn't "Shoot-Up Hill", Kilburn on here?


Bleeding Heart Yard?

Tim Benson

I have always been intrigued by Shoulder of Mutton Alley in Limehouse E14.


Downside Crescent, Belsize Park


I'd like to counter the doom and gloom with an upbeat street name: Allgood St in Tower Hamlets.