Cycling Ban Proposed For South Bank

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Cycling Ban Proposed For South Bank


Local businesses want an outright ban on cycling along the South Bank, flags the Standard. The riverside walk between the London Eye and the Oxo Tower is nearly always busy with pedestrians of both the tourist and local persuasion. Cycling through the throng is simply dangerous, goes the argument. Technically, riding along the River Walk is already forbidden, but the restriction goes unenforced. While some will fume at the idea of preventing cycle access, the idea is not without merit. The parallel Upper Ground is a relatively quiet and much quicker alternative to pedalling along by the Thames, although it does of course lack the views. Then again, the Standard article provides no evidence that cycling on the South Bank causes accidents, so it is difficult to judge whether the proposed ban is warranted. Lambeth Council are consulting the public on this and other cycling strategies until September 10. Image by Jon Smalldon in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 10 August 2010