Wanted: More Hand-Drawn Maps Of London

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Wanted: More Hand-Drawn Maps Of London

Here's one we made earlier.

Our series of maps, hand-drawn by readers, has proved so successful that we've had a couple of approaches from galleries wanting to display the works. Take a look through the archive - some real flair and imagination, we think you'll agree. But here's the bind. We've ran out of new submissions. If we're going to keep the series going and take up those gallery offers we need more maps. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Sketch out your local neighbourhood, including your favourite pubs, parks, buskers, benches, memories and oddments. Example.
  • Draw us a map of the whole of central London, with the places that are important to you. Example.
  • Think up some unusual schematic or thematic way to represent London, or parts thereof. Example.
  • So if you've got a spare half-hour this weekend, get the crayons out and give it a shot. As we always say, it's not the quality of the drawing that's important, it's the ideas and personal touch behind the map. Send photos of any entries to tips@londonist.com.

    Last Updated 09 July 2010