Preview: One-On-One Festival @ BAC

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Preview: One-On-One Festival @ BAC


It takes courage and a lot of balls to perform to just one person, and an equally courageous, balls-laden audience member to go in alone to a one-off show done just for themselves. This is the basis of the One-On-One festival at Battersea Arts Centre, previewing 6 July and running until 18 July, to get curious, get intimate, get a bit scary, weird and / or wonderful.

A long list of fascinating artists including Lundahl & Seitl, Franko B, Ampersand Media, Ontroerend Goed, Rotozaza and Stan's Cafe are due to take over the building, doing their thing for just one person at a time. Having experienced some seriously mind-boggling and enjoyable stuff from a few of the artists listed, this is a festival that will make your head spin, your stomach flip and your heart burst: bespoke theatre can feel very good.

Book your ticket online and it will give you entry to at least three performances; you'll be given your itinerary on arrival. Your journey will be unique, consisting of performances selected for you. If you've looked over the parformance schedule and would like to pick your own itinerary, you'll need to call Box Office and organise your trip yourself. However, the lucky dip angle seems to fit the spirit of One-On-One quite nicely: your fate and your faith will be in other hands for the night, so why not let BAC do the picking for you? Trust is a major factor in one-on-one performances; we trust that you will certainly have a memorable time.

One-On-One Festival at BAC, for more information and to book go to the BAC website. Watch a trailer for the One-On-One festival here.

Last Updated 02 July 2010