Preview: Burst @ Battersea Arts Centre, 15 - 30 May

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Preview: Burst @ Battersea Arts Centre, 15 - 30 May

Image from And the Line Goes Dead, part of Burst
Having mentioned it in our excellent Arts Ahead guide to all that is happening in the week ahead, we thought a little deeper digging into the Burst festival at BAC was worthwhile. And we were right; look what we found in the programme...

Wondermart: Rotozaza doing another but very different performance in a supermarket

Health and Safety: Richard Dedomenici giving a one-on-one lecture on health and safety in the BAC lifts which is possibly a wormhole through space and time

Rotating in a Room of Images: Lundahl and Seitl turning your brain inside out with a new performance in their line of intense, totally immersive experiences

Handbag Scratch: Geraldine Pilgrim's curious installation piece that involves a glitter ball, a handbag, lots of volunteers and a lot of dancing

And The Line Goes Dead: a conversation between two people, one alive, one dead in Tim Atack's phone-based performance

And a tea dance, and Jon Hegley, and junkyard theatre, and experimental preaching with gospel choir backing, and foot massages, and stuff happening in the bar and foyer throughout and... loads of interesting, challenging, unusual and exciting stuff. The theme this year is 51 Reasons for Living, there being 51 performances in the programme. You may not find all of them are reasons for holding on one more day but book something and be part of an experiment: what is life worth living for? Head to BAC to find out...

Last Updated 15 May 2009