New Issue Of Smoke: A London Peculiar

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New Issue Of Smoke: A London Peculiar


Our favourite magazine about London is on sale once again. Smoke is an occasional periodical of fiction and non-fiction, photos and cartoons, poems and prose covering some of the less-noticed facets of the city. It's the only place we can think of where you might find a guide to riverside pubs nestling up against an essay on the 'Leyton roar', a now-absent whoosh late of the Central Line. This issue sees the introduction of another new photo series ("Things of which people in Clapton are inexplicably proud...") and the discovery of a plaque to Simon Groom and Goldie off of Blue Peter. It's on sale in selected bookshops (and a cheese shop) now for £2.90. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the quirkier bits of Londonist.

Last Updated 12 July 2010