Leave No Bear Behind Part 15: The Malaise Spreads

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Leave No Bear Behind Part 15: The Malaise Spreads


An occasional series In which we highlight an important social issue that the mainstream media won't touch: the plight of London's increasingly neglected toy animals.

It started with the bears. A marked increase in teddy abandonment seemed to be sweeping the capital. Then came evidence of similar maltreatment of other creatures. Lynched tigers, crushed zebras, enpuddled human dolls. Even a couple of muppets.

Now this roll call of the forsaken must extend to hedgehog-kind. Londonist's own Rachel Holdsworth encountered this abandoned Hector on the streets of Hither Green. The poor critter appears uninjured and free of the ringworm which blights his species. Why has this happened? Who could abandon such an unassuming, loveable creature?

Have you witnessed toy atrocities in the London area? Send evidence to tips@londonist.com.

Last Updated 24 July 2010