Leave No Bear Behind Part 14: Zebra Crushing

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Last Updated 17 July 2010

Leave No Bear Behind Part 14: Zebra Crushing


An occasional series In which we highlight an important social issue that the mainstream media won't touch: the plight of London's increasingly neglected toy animals.

"It appears that faux-animal maltreatment runs deeper that just fuzzy carnivores," says Caryn Tegtmeyer, who snapped this tragic happenstance at Kew Gardens recently. She's right. The phenomenon of abandoned, drowned, tortured and lynched teddy bears has once again crossed the species barrier. This blameless toy zebra, shirked by its owner, has ended up crushed between two railings, his once noble snout and ears swollen to bovine proportions by the ordeal. Indeed, we've chosen to crop the lower part of the image to mask the full horror of the scene.

Have you witnessed toy atrocities in the London area? Send evidence to [email protected].