Government Plans Act Of Parliament To Evict Brian Haw

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 102 months ago
Government Plans Act Of Parliament To Evict Brian Haw

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Anti-war protestor and near-permanent fixture across from the Commons, Brian Haw, will be subject to another attempted eviction when the Government rushes through special laws to oust him, according to the Standard.

Haw's nine-year old encampment was left remarkably unscathed earlier this week when bailiffs booted out Democracy Village. They're right to be cautious: he's been evicted on more than one occasion, tangling up 78 police officers to remove him, and yet has survived to see his protest turned into artwork. However, the Tories warned last year that, should they win the election, they'd do everything in their power to remove him. They're now looking to come good on the threat.

Haw has survived because his residency predates the 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which imposed, in the words of Justice, "severe restrictions on peaceful protest" in the area around Parliament. Home Secretary Theresa May hopes to tighten this loophole and remove him for good; however, politicians fear that any such move would spark a wave of popular support. Wouldn't look too good for the new coalition if television viewers across the globe were treated to the sight of British bobbies turfing out a lone protestor because he offends the sensibilities of the Mother of all Parliaments.

Last Updated 21 July 2010