Northern Line: Earlier Closures On Less Of The Line

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 103 months ago
Northern Line: Earlier Closures On Less Of The Line

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How you feel about this bit of news will depend entirely on your interpretation of the words "scaled back". In February, Tube Lines wanted to close the line for resignalling upgrades from 11.30pm (with fewer trains running from 8pm) and everybody threw a hissy fit - not least the Mayor. Since then, of course, Boris has bought out Tube Lines and now TfL have announced a "scaled back" series of closures.

From 5th July, the Bank branch between Camden and Kennington and High Barnet branch north of East Finchley will close from 9.30pm Monday-Thursday (at least, we think it's 9.30pm. The press release says 09.30 - if that's not a typo we have a much bigger story on our hands), leaving the rest of the line to run as normal. So: earlier closures than planned, but on less of the line. We also can't spot any promise about how long these closures will go on for, only a commitment that "the line will be running a full and reliable service during the summer of 2012".

July and August weekend line closures for Kennington to Morden are also confirmed.

Is this better or worse? Presumably if you live in Finchley or Barnet you're going to be spitting tacks, but at least there's rail replacement buses to supplement the 263, and perhaps we should just be grateful the whole thing hasn't been cancelled because of cutbacks. It's time to grit the teeth and listen with more sympathy to Victoria Line dwellers' tales of woe.

Last Updated 09 June 2010