Northern Line Evening Closures Likely

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Northern Line Evening Closures Likely

Early closing on the Northern Line was mooted as a possibility late last summer to enable Tube Lines to complete delayed engineering work. However, revised plans could see services cease from 8.30pm, rather than the Victoria Line tried and tested 10pm, for 16 months. 10pm closure is too early for both theatregoers and drinkers inconveniencing Londoners, vexed with an alternative route home. But 8.30pm closure hits a whole raft of other travellers and tourists doing evening shopping, going to the gym, even grabbing a bite to eat. The Tube Lines plans are also directly in conflict with TfL's desire to increase services on the Northern Line, hence the generally welcomed rush hour split. We forecast a ripe resurgence of the Misery Line alias.

Last Updated 01 February 2010


This is deeply shit.


8:30 pm is way too early to close - not-that-late-workers, gym goers, football players. Come on TfL - Tube Lines need to deliver more in the wee hours rather than further disrupting transport!

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The Northern Line has actually been pretty good this past year or two (at least the northern sections which I use most). An 8.30 termination for any lengthy period would be horrendous to deal with, especially for those up in Barnet, Edgware, and any of the other places not served by any other line.


Some horror was allways going to happen, with the resignaling job they need to do (and it will be worth it), but I'm suprised that this can't be phased more...

The great weakness/strength of the the northern line is that it has two central branches - I'd be interested to find out if they could not do each in turn leaving the other open till normal hours? Services levels would be half the usual, but better than nothing (and they could still run 12 trains on each northern branch).

You could do the northern most parts in sections too, with some judicious rail replacement services to other stations it wouldn't be that bad.

Morden branch will be a nightmare - no way around that sadly - perhaps some of those express buses we were promised could make life more bearable?

The Victoria is very short with few turn around points, massive demand and one depot - so I can excuse the approach taken, but the Northern is a very different railway...


And for how long will we have to suffer this early closure?

diamond geezer

I wonder whether this 8:30 closure is merely a deliberately-spread rumour so that, when TfL finally announce a 10pm closure every weekday night for 16 months, everybody says "oh, phew, thank goodness for that" rather than "bloody hell, what a diabolical liberty".


Diamond Geezer has written what I came on here to write. Here's hoping it is a Yes Minister situation of announcing something ridiculous, so that what you want to do seems more palatable.


Looks like DG and Wilko were right.


It's still to be confirmed but BBC say "a mixture of extended engineering hours (EEH) from 11.30pm until start of traffic and 52-hour part line weekend closures" has been requested.

"Plans to end services on the line by 2330 GMT on weekdays could mean fewer services from 2000 GMT."