New iPhone App Matches Drivers With Parking Spaces

By BethPH Last edited 105 months ago
New iPhone App Matches Drivers With Parking Spaces

Fed up with trying to locate somewhere to park in London only to find the dreaded yellow envelope on your windscreen when you return? There's an app for that.

As anyone who's had no choice but to drive in London knows, keeping one step ahead of the ever-changing parking regulations, traffic wardens and cameras is enough to drive some motorists to distraction. Chris Bocsardy went one step further and took on the rather daunting task of cataloguing parking spots in the capital - over 1000 of them - and popping them all into iParkMyCar, a handy iPhone app, along with other useful tools including a timer to let you know when the meter's running out, a congestion zone warning and even a locator for those embarrassing moments when you cannot for the life of you remember which street you parked on.

Sure, public transport in London is, by and large, pretty good despite the RMT's best efforts and there's Boris's new Barclays-sponsored cycle hire scheme so London is better served than most when it comes to getting around but finding parking if you've had the misfortune to have to use your own four wheels is no small headache, especially with different boroughs operating varying restrictions. Until now, it was nigh on impossible to keep track of these, but iParkMyCar uses GPS to show you CPZs and council car parks along with pricing near your location.

We're just glad that we weren't the ones having to visit suspicious-smelling car parks across every borough of London to compile the database. Visit or the iPhone App Store for more information.

Last Updated 02 June 2010