Barclays Sponsors Cycle Hire Scheme

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 94 months ago
Barclays Sponsors Cycle Hire Scheme

TfL artist's impression
Barclays is shelling out £25m to sponsor London's cycle hire scheme - sorry, Barclays Cycle Hire - and the cycle superhighways - sorry, Barclays Cycle Superhighways - for five years. That's a nice, and much needed, sum for TfL to recoup on their £140m outlay, but Barclays sure are getting their money's worth.

The roundel has been redesigned from its original turquoise to Barclays blue, making it quite similar to the current river services colour (though TfL have pointed out to MayorWatch that they have different wording; gee); the Barclays logo is also to be incorporated into the roundel itself, six of which will be plastered onto each bike. Barclays Barclays Barclays Barclays Barclays.

Last Updated 01 June 2010


"making it quite similar to the current river services colour"

Yes, but surely no-one in their right mind would confuse a bike for a river boat? I can't really foresee any problems with ambiguity here, at least.

And anyway, this is the nature of sponsorship. Which sponsors would ever (or have ever) given away £25m for anything less than massive brand presence around the thing that they are sponsoring?

Did those moaning about "over-commercialism" also protest against the sponsorship of the Flora/Virgin London Marathon or the Heineken Cup? Or is it just bikes that we're meant to get all precious about?

Personally, I'd rather have infrastructure paid for by the fat wallets of banks than the already squeezed public finances. More of this sort of thing.