Populist: 28 March - 3 April

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Populist: 28 March - 3 April

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around town.

In the news:

  • Fire and flood knocked out phone and internet for swathes of London and made cash king
  • Down with this sort of thing - a jolly civilised rally for BBC 6 Music
  • Anish Kapoor's Olympic sculpture tower provoked a torrent of comments and nicknames
  • Now you can gen up on your local gangs from the safety of your laptop
  • The PCC slapped Ron Liddle on the wrist for making things up
  • We remembered the Poll Tax riots twenty years on

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    Around town:

  • What do you think about the campaign to rename West Hampstead tube, East Kilburn?
  • Do fries count as chips? Have you had your chips this weekend?
  • Pick things with squares around them from Huong Viet's menu
  • Browse the Bank of England Museum's entries for Museum of the Month Take a look back at Sundays in 1967 London Word Festival came to a close - what did you miss? Don't forget to go tumbling and watch the woman hoisting on Easter Monday See the Arts & Events and Food & Drink categories for more

    Comment of the week:

    A memory from the Poll Tax riots:

    Gordon blimey, I remember my Mum bringing me along to our local protest, there were a few hundred of us on the corner of our street( Or so it seemed, I was 8!).... I thought we did well, until they changed the name to Council Tax and we all acccepted it.

    Thanks deanfwj!

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