Populist: 19-24 April

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Populist: 19-24 April

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around town.

In the news:

  • The cat-ash-trophe elicited some good stories and some gorgeous photos
  • Pay attention if you're in one of London's marginals We're still gagging to get on the East London Line
  • Anyone care about new plans for Chelsea Barracks?
  • Good luck to anyone running in the marathon tomorrow, everyone trying to travel to it and enjoy, anyone watching from a pub
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    Other good stuff:

  • Vote for the best London Film for a chance to get it screened at Museum of London
  • Learn about strip clubs, porn and guns in 1967
  • Celebrate Shakespeare's birthday in supermarkets, online and with a lost play
  • There's a new programme at the Dana Centre In Theatreland we recommend The Real Thing, Stiffed! and Pressure Drop Fly through the air with the greatest of ease with Gorilla Circus this summer

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    Comment of the week:

    From Emily Bishop, looking on the bright side of being stuck in London:

    My Mum and I have both been stuck in London since Thursday (I live here and was trying to get to New York for a conference, she was visiting and is trying to get home to France). We've had our stressful moments and I've been on hold with Expedia since FOREVER, but we got to watch The Debate which we would have missed otherwise, and took the opportunity on Saturday for a lovely night out at the new/Old Brewery in Greenwich - it was fabulous. If life hands you lemons... drink locally independently brewed coffee ale ;)

    Also? I hadn't actually finished my presentation for that conference...

    Atta girl, Emily!

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