Online Treasure Hunt Celebrates Shakespeare's Birthday

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Online Treasure Hunt Celebrates Shakespeare's Birthday


It's St George's Day, and the Bard's birthday. There's nothing the pair liked more than a multimedia online quiz and virtual treasure hunt. Kudos, then, to the organisers of this little game, which will have you scurrying around the web like a giddy Ariel. It's all quite Londony, too, with a National Gallery hook-up. Let's quote them in full:

One of the features of the competition is the 37 original paintings created to form part of the quest. Each of the paintings pays homage to a work of art that currently hangs in London’s National Gallery. But look closely, as they all conceal a hidden clue and quotation from one of Shakespeare’s plays which trigger a fascinating conundrum to be solved. Each quote helps to solve a riddle which in turn gives rise to a final question. Once solved, entrants should be able to discover the virtual whereabouts of the specially commissioned prize.

Sounds like fun. There is a £10 entrance fee, but some of it goes to charity and there are several prizes to be won.

Last Updated 23 April 2010