RMT New Strike Threat - Update

By BethPH Last edited 114 months ago
RMT New Strike Threat - Update

The ever-present threat of strikes from the RMT has manifested itself again in the shape of a series of 24 hour strikes over new rosters and outsourcing.

Just days after Jubilee Line passengers at Stratford were sentenced to yet more transport misery (as if the over-running upgrades weren't enough), the RMT announced that 700 union members would walk out on 5th February for 24 hours, followed by another proposed strike on 14th February, evidently Bob Crow's idea of a Valentine's Day present to Londoners.

Crow, obviously oblivious to any suggestion of hypocrisy, said in a statement; 'LU have been hell-bent on confrontation. It's their bully-boy management style which has forced us into this action.'

The LU as usual, aren't taking this lying down and hauled out their own handbag in retaliation; 'It is absolutely ludicrous that the RMT's leadership is prepared to jeopardise the journeys of thousands of Londoners over this issue. They should stop threatening industrial action at every opportunity,' said their spokesman.

It seems that Bob Crow is determined fulfil his promise that 2010 will be a year of strikes. Best get our walking shoes on.

Last Updated 29 January 2010