Preview: Ed Aczel @ Soho Theatre

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Preview: Ed Aczel @ Soho Theatre


There's a lot of wrong in this world at the moment. Some of it involves our ongoing financial woes, some of it is to do with the all too tangible impact of climate change, most of it has something to do with rail services. But all this - and more - can be solved by a 42-year old businessman from Aylesbury, using naught but "several graphs, a raffle, an emergency film star impression and a large amount of audience patience and goodwill".

Ed Aczel does for self deprecation what Prince did for purple velour, taking it to previously unimaginable extremes and crafting his own inimitable style as a result. Once termed "an erudite tramp" by Time Out, his shambolic style is far from the precisely honed comedy of the mainstay standups like Frankie Boyle or Eddie Izzard (who, speaking of things that are wrong with the world, we still haven't quite forgiven for the whole Triffids debacle over Christmas) since actual jokes don't really feature in his set. You will not quake in terror at being picked on as you might at a Jerry Sadowitz or Ian Cognito gig either, since Aczel is endearingly less calculating in his approach - despite allusions to a potential career as a chartered accountant - and all the funnier for it. In fact he is the Marmite of comedy, once driving Jimmy Carr to declare that "I genuinely don't know whether you're mental or brilliant, there's nothing in between", but next week you have the opportunity to make up your own mind at the Soho Theatre.

Please note: there is a strict no refunds policy for any problems that you feel he hasn't solved.

Tickets £12

22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th January at the Soho Theatre

Last Updated 11 January 2010