Tourist Boost For London: Ads Or Crap Economy?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 110 months ago
Tourist Boost For London: Ads Or Crap Economy?

Image by pixelhut from the Londonist Flickr pool
Boris was down the Royal Opera House this morning, loudly huzzahing a 6% increase in tourists to London this summer, each spending an extra £34 on average compared to last year. This is, obviously, brilliant news for our cash-strapped businesses and attractions and, well, cash-strapped everything, but we're not sure it's all down to Bozza's adverts.

Visit London had £2m to spend on the Only in London campaign (which Diamond Geezer, among others, had something to say about), but that's half what they had for the amazing 'See the world. Visit London' adverts. The Mayor is claiming credit for an extra £50m swilling around the capital's coffers, but it's worth pointing out that this £50m is £10m less than expected, which is blamed on the recession. We also can't help remembering that the value of the pound is bugger all these days, making the UK and London an increasingly attractive tourist destination without the need for extra prodding. So is the recession causing a rise or fall in tourism? Perhaps a better way of examining the impact of the campaign would be to see whether the quirkier elements featured got a boost? Either way, Only in London's getting an extra £400k to spend next spring; and there're plenty of people ready to offer advice for places that should be featured...

Last Updated 17 November 2009