Please Come to London

By Matt_Crossick Last edited 125 months ago
Please Come to London

Barging through the throngs of camera-wielding tourists in Leicester square of a Saturday afternoon, it might not seem that London is in dire need of more visitors. But Visit London is aiming to do just that, by launching a £4m advertising campaign this weekend to attract more sightseers to the capital.

The worldwide campaign launches as China hands over the Olympic cycle to Britain on Sunday, and will highlight London’s virtues as a holiday destination in the run up to the 2012 games. Increased tourism is expected to bring a whole load of cash into the capital when the Games hit town, and evidently Visit London see no drawback in starting to reel them in early.

The adverts themselves will highlight London’s multicultural outlook, as well as focusing on London scenes like the theatre, live music and shopping. We can only assume that further ads will be extolling other London institutions like binge-drinking, moaning about public transport and paying £11.50 for a plate of tepid pub food.

But for now, check out the rather cool TV ad here!

Photo courtesy of Visit London

Last Updated 21 August 2008