Have Your Say On The Met's Priorities

By Lindsey Last edited 144 months ago
Have Your Say On The Met's Priorities

They say a policeman's lot is not a happy lot and it's not been an easy year for the Met. They've antagonised photographers, had problems policing protests and even nicked a Londonista and that's on top of the usual stabbings, break-ins, ASBO enforcing and the like that makes up the daily grind of the bobby (or PCSO) on the beat.

Now it's annual consultation time and they're asking exactly the same as last year in a short online questionnaire:

  • what are your top three priorities for policing in London?
  • why do you choose these priorities?
  • what should the Met be doing to tackle these priorities?
  • Last year's consultation found anti-social behaviour top of the priority wishlist with youth and gun/knife crime close behind. Will dangerous dogs, hate crime, identify theft and the issue of bureaucracy hit higher this year? It's up to you.

    The questionnaire is available here: www.mpa.gov.uk/publications/policingplans. Consultation closes on 30 November.

    Last Updated 19 October 2009