Camden Goes To The Dogs

By Lindsey Last edited 118 months ago
Camden Goes To The Dogs

Splat the Dog by Zefrog. Not so dangerous.
Dog crime is becoming more of a problem than knife crime on Camden streets. The borough is still only 7th on the list of dog derived danger hotspots for the capital with Lambeth and Southwark leading the way but Camden is struggling to contain the problem as they don't even have their own dog handler, instead having to share Islington's resources.

The Met launched a specialist dangerous dog squad at the beginning of the year to deal with so called weapon or status dogs and is estimated to be seizing around 2 potentially dangerous dogs a day. Which is all very bad for the dogs who are neglected and mistreated by breeders, stuffed in kennels whilst court proceedings drag on and put down by the authorities if they're illegal or presenting an obvious threat, through no fault of their own.

Injury to people by dog ravage is also very bad, of course, so it's good to know that the Royal London hospital in the east end, St Mary's Paddington, St George's in the south and Kings College Hospital are all formally ramping up their A&Es to become major accident and trauma centres. Specialising in seriously hurt people, they will be well resourced to treat the outcomes of more traditional methods of violent crime - stabbing and shooting - as well as dealing with the victims of major traffic smashes.

Last Updated 24 July 2009