Identity Crisis

By Lindsey Last edited 103 months ago
Identity Crisis

shredder.jpg Hands up who hasn't had their debit or credit card cloned, stolen or otherwise fraudulently flaunted at online betting shops or used to drain their bank account at midnight ATMs? Identity fraud feels as common as weeks devoted to some cause or other so it's hardly a surprise we find ourselves in the middle of National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. The messages are: guard your cards, shred, shred, shred and don't go giving out your deets and digits to all and sundry or leave personal documents hanging out your handbag. Residents of SE16 should be especially careful as Greenwich is currently the #1 hot spot for ID theft. You have been warned. (Image / Joe Pitz)

Last Updated 13 October 2009


Good advice - yet I still hear folk on their mobile when on an overground train (or tube when in the open), calling over their card numbers and PIN to some seller somewhere and always loud enough to be heard by everyone else in the carriage. Often for a second time a lot slower, so that anyone who wishes could write it down without mistake.


Yeah, that Greenwich Phantom for one. Stealing the identity of General Woolf.