World's Tallest Man Visits World's Greatest City

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World's Tallest Man Visits World's Greatest City


In our heads, Tower Bridge opened yesterday to allow ingress of Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world. The 2.47m (8ft, 1in) giant was in town to have his height officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. In a video on the BBC's web site, the rangy Turk is seen negotiating the streets of Westminster and posing next to the Clock Tower. London is no stranger to giants, of course - the City counts monstrous beanstalkers Gog and Magog as its ceremonial guardians. In the 1950s, lanky Ted Evans was billed as the tallest man in the world at a creatively measured 9 foot 3 and a half. Here he is cycling around London in a Pathé news reel. And the last time the World's Tallest Man came to visit, he brought with him the World's Shortest Stunt Man. Finally, Mr Kosen should visit our Museum of the Month, the Hunterian Museum, where he'll find the skeleton of his lofty predecessor Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant.

Last Updated 17 September 2009