The Tall Shepherd And The Tiny Stuntman

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The Tall Shepherd And The Tiny Stuntman

Please, somebody, anybody, send us in a photo of this one.

The world’s tallest man AND the world’s ‘shortest stuntman’, together, in Westminster, today. Why were we not informed?

According to the website Life Style Extra, the liaison of contrasting statures was organised by Guinness World Records for the launch of the 2006 Guinness Book of Records (which officially means that Christmas is coming).

Here’s how they measure up:

Xi Shun, World’s tallest man (or is he); age 53; height, 7 foot 9 inches; a shepherd from Inner Mongolia

Kiran Shah, World’s shortest stuntman; age 52; height, 4 feet 2 inches; a stuntman from Hounslow.

You may have seen Shah before. The stunted stuntman played the titular hero in Superman I and II.

They would dress me up in a miniature Superman costume, padded out to make it look as if I had lots of muscles, and then suspend me in the air from wires. I appear in shots where you see him flying from far away.

The towering Xi Shun, meanwhile, leads a life of solitude herding sheep in Asia.

I've lived alone for many years but I was discovered when a friend of mine decided to open a restaurant. A newspaper reporter came along to the opening, spotted me and asked if he could write a story about me.

Now the two have met, we need to exploit them. We’re talking Surreality TV. Even Bigger Brother…Giants versus ‘Little People’ Olympics…Dwarf Swapshop.

Somebody get Alan Partridge on the case.

Last Updated 22 September 2005