Last Chance To See: Pretty - Please / Vision & Gold

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Last Chance To See: Pretty - Please / Vision & Gold

Kellys-notebook.jpg It's always a bucolic treat to find the ecology park that runs along the canal path at Mile End Park. In this tranquil setting is an art pavilion so take advantage of your last chance to visit the current exhibit "Vision and Gold" by local female art duo Pretty-Please.

In line with the soothing surroundings, the exhibition's central theme is healing with an exploration on the earth and spiritual planes. Sounds a bit hippy, but the show does just what it promises - from the initial walk through the park and then the tour of the pavilion, one leaves feeling relaxed and inspired.

The first piece includes a trail of cards highlighting the history of Mile End, along with corresponding canvas paintings, poems and even books. Sophia's land-art installation follows, encompassing a circle of wood, stones, feathers and a horse's skull representing a medicine walk which is a personal journey of north, south, east and west. The subsequent walls are lined with brightly coloured human portraits of characters Kelly has met in various global communities, Sophia's daring illustrations and mixed media images portray a sombre depiction of crows, hawks, horses and deer and a sample of a horse's long, thick tail. The shows ends with a playful interactive presentation of embroidery stitching in the seven colours of the chakra, some designs completed by Kelly and others waiting to be finished by the viewer.

It is evident that both artists are influenced by conscious and unconscious imagery, Sophia relating 'environment with our being'; and Kelly forging links between creativity and our everyday lives. The combination creates a rustic and visceral tone, and allows the viewer to take a journey of personal introspection. From the fire circle of the west to marriage spindles and stitching chakras, this exhibit has something for everyone.

And if that's not healing enough, the historic East End boozer the Palm Tree Pub - a favourite of ours and our friends at Fancyapint - is just around the corner.

By Tiffany Pritchard

Vision & Gold at Mile End Ecology Pavilion is open Sunday 10.30am-6pm, Monday 9.30am-2.30pm. Image of Kelly's notebook.

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