The Shocking State Of London's Sexual Health

Dean Nicholas
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The Shocking State Of London's Sexual Health

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Aged 15-17, female, and a resident of one of London's poorer boroughs? Then there could be a one in thirteen chance you're pregnant. This is one of the sad statistics gleaned from a report by the London Assembly on the capital's teen pregnancy and sexual health. As with so many indices, they tell a tale of two cities: rates of STIs are growing in places like Barking and Tower Hamlets, yet in the capital's wealthier burgs, where they can afford to warn residents about chlamydia, infection rates are well below the national average. Southwark, meanwhile, has been branded the teen pregnancy capital of the UK, a boast probably won't make it onto council advertising literature. James Cleverly, head of the Assembly's health and public services committee, wants a 'teen sex czar' appointed to unify the currently confused, even conflicting, approach to sexual health.

Last Updated 05 August 2009


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It may also be due to crappier parenting in certain areas where people expect the government to do everything for them including think and raise their kids.

Sandra Andrews

Actually sexual intercourse is normal in couple and some of them get AIDS because of having sexual intercourse and also some of women get early pregnancy but you can control that with the help of some supplements and and other equipment for birth control and avoiding AIDS. But as a citizen you don't need to confuse about Sexual health because it is a part of our lifestyle you only need to take care always and stay healthy.

Sandra Andrews,
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