Maybe You've Got Chlamydia?

By Lindsey Last edited 173 months ago
Maybe You've Got Chlamydia?

Maybe_logo.gif If you've had unprotected sex lately then maybe you have but how would you know? Chlamydia is an elusive STI; easily transmitted yet slyly showing no symptoms. Undetected the infection can lead to infertility and arthritis in boys and girls alike. Under 25s are particularly at risk as we reported last year. We're inclined to blame Skins - all those PYTs flawlessly shagging about made us feel well horny and carefree.

Seems the NHS agrees with us because they've persuaded the supremely gorgeous Luke Pasqualino to wear MAYbe pants and front a West London campaign to get young Londoners tested in May. Under 25s in Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham or Westminster can get a free test by post or from participating chemists if they don't like the idea of getting down the clinic. Simply pee in the pot, screw the lid on tight and pop it into the special posting bag. Within 5 days you'll get texted with your result. Negative and you can relax. Positive and you'll be given advice on how to get the dose of antibiotic necessary to clear the infection out.

There's also plenty of advice for the over 25s and those in other areas should know better but if you're in doubt, check it out. Let's not live in the 'Chlamydia capital' of the UK.

Last Updated 30 April 2009