RMT 1 - LU 0: Or Is It?

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RMT 1 - LU 0: Or Is It?

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The RMT are claiming victory over London Underground (LU) on the issue of job cuts that led to strikes earlier this summer. But is it really a victory? LU dispute Bob Crow's triumphant stance, saying they haven't actually provided any assurances that compulsory redundancies won't happen. It's not the first time that the RMT have partaken of a self-proclaimed victory lap for holding London's tube travellers to ransom. Perhaps someone should point out to Crow that there are no winners: any sympathies that Londoners may have had for striking union members have been eroded by the RMT's demand that their jobs be safeguarded during a recession while their customers face the dole queue.

Last Updated 20 August 2009


and there you have it, Bob Crow, the self proclaimed king of spin and public misery where self satisfaction is paramount.