Twittering The Tube Strike

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Twittering The Tube Strike

By Jason Webber via the Londonist Flickrpool
So how's it going out there? At the prime commuter time of 8.30am we Twitter searched for 'tube strike' to find out. And, besides a revival of interest in the London Underground Song, there are naturally grumbletweets:

TitanUK ...on way to work stuck in massive traffic jam because of tube strike

mikehayes Buses from W11 into London now full. Driving past stops to let people off, but not on... This Tube strike sucks ... #tflfail

jaymeekae Going nowhere fast. Left home over an hour ago, journey was supposed to take an hour. Am not even 1/3 of the way. Rargh tube strike

And some grumbling for a wholly inverse reason:

glowstars Oh tube strike how I love thee. Making me half an hour early for work is cruel beyond belief.

Generally, there's not too much stress and bile as yet. Is a good day to be a cabbie apparently:

ruskopico Tube strike? Wonder if it's 'pleasure yourself while doing your job' day as well? Either way, every cabbie I've seen is grinning ear to ear.

DaveHill Now at waterloo. Huge queue for taxis. Sharing system just getting underway.

And to revisit your childhood:

JamesHarper Tube strike means rare trip on big red double decker bus. Sitting up top front seats & going "wheeeee" in my head as we go round corners

And of course, some lines are actually running:

danieldmoses stunned to discover that on a citywide tube strike, the shittiest line on the network, the Northern Line is in fact running a "good service"

dgoldthorpe Beat the tube strike by getting to work on, er, the tube...

And lots of you are enjoying walking and cycling for a change:

storagebod Bus, walk through the park...what tube-strike. Ahh, the delights of not having a long commute!

jasonlonsdale Good day to be on a bike, especially zipping past the heaving masses at the bus stops #smugness #tubestrike

Cycling is certainly enjoying a boost today with the London Cycling Campaign taking advantage of the disruption to promote BikeTube rides into the city for those of you who don't normally cycle. Although, some diehard spokeheads are wary of so many new pedallers pounding the streets:

carl_perry Poorly services bikes, cyclists who didn't pay attention at cycling proficiency test and ambulances attending to the injured... tube strike!

Pay attention now and here's hoping the weather doesn't ruin your overground hometime trip. Keep us up to date, keep twittering, leave a comment.

Last Updated 10 June 2009