RMT Pats Own Back

By BethPH Last edited 107 months ago
RMT Pats Own Back

Not content with bringing London to a standstill, the RMT are threatening further strikes if remaining disputes are not resolved. 'I'm really pleased. It was a solid success,' Bob Crow said yesterday. 'The whole city ground to a halt and the disruption it caused was all over the papers.' Success seems to be something of a misnomer in this case; it’s more like a failure on the part of the RMT to grasp the concept of recession and come to an agreement with LUL without having to take two days off to think about it. They’ve also taken pains to point out that more strikes won’t happen next week because they have to give at least seven days’ notice. Well, that’s alright then.

Last Updated 12 June 2009


That smug bastard really needs to be taken down a peg. Pissing off, and bringing the city of London to a halt is neither something to be proud of nor something that's going to help his cause, it'll only serve to turn the public against Crow and his staff.


Hope the city stands up to him. Keep fighting Boris!


The public's opprobrium is irrelevant, however, the fact that the other three unions refused to back RMT last week, and even that some RMT members crossed the picket line, indicates that there are many who think he's not doing the best for his people. If his own members start turning against him, he's finished.