Literary Preview: Future Human @ Old Operating Theatre

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Literary Preview: Future Human @ Old Operating Theatre


Editing as entertainment? We were about to strike the Londonist red pen through this one until we read a little further into the details. The Butcher's Shop is a regular writer's workshop from Bad Idea magazine at which pre-submitted short stories are edited live on stage. But not just any stage: we're talking the creaking boards of the Old Operating Theatre near London Bridge, a room more used to the dissection of flesh than fiction.

The editors will need some material to meddle with. This is where you come in. Stories for the event on 10 September should be on the theme of transhumanism, that is, the technological expansion of the physical and mental capacities of human beings. Cap your musings to '350 words or less'. (We'd like to point out, in a bid to get ourselves on a future panel, that this clearly needs editing to 'or fewer'.)

An editorially exceptional set of guests will be in attendance for a debate on the future human. Wrap your bionically enhanced robo-optic nerves around this cohort: Cory Doctorow (Boing Boing), Gwyneth Jones (author of Bold As Love), Ian Watson (co-author of the screenplay for A.I.) and Matthew de Abaitua (author of The Red Men).

Send your submissions to by 3 September.

Future Human at the Old Operating Theatre, St Thomas Street, 10 September, 7-9pm. Tickets cost £12 and can be bought on the night or in advance from the venue. Replicants welcome.

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