Giant Chicken Man To Greet Boris Johnson

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 115 months ago
Giant Chicken Man To Greet Boris Johnson

Image / Early Cat
Unison are set to deploy a "chicken man" outside City Hall on Tuesday afternoon in protest at Boris Johnson, who last week described the six-figure salary he trousers for bashing out 1,000 words per week for the Telegraph as chicken feed. We're not sure what a chicken man is - hopefully a man dressed in a costume and not some poor refugee from the island of Dr Moreau - but the stunt involves various Unison members, many of whom are threatened with redundancy under plans to downsize City Hall, throwing chicken feed at the giant bird. They're inviting the public to join in too. Probably not the kind of thing you'd want to greet you at work on your lunch break. The shock's enough to knock a chap off his bike, what? The protest clucks off at 12.20pm on Tuesday 21st July at Potter's Fields.

Last Updated 20 July 2009