You Pay Chicken Feed, You Get Boris Johnson

By BethPH Last edited 106 months ago
You Pay Chicken Feed, You Get Boris Johnson

Cartoon by David Le Fleming

Ever wondered how much Boris Johnson gets paid for his weekly Telegraph column? At £250,000 per year, it makes him more valuable as a writer than as a mayor.

In a bluster of somewhat defensive-sounding self-justification, Boris describes his Telegraph salary as 'chicken feed' and wholly reasonable because he writes very fast and it's a relaxing way to pass a Sunday morning. Oh, and he donates to charidee. If only all of us writers could be paid such peanuts for our work, we'd be quite happy to bung a few quid in the charity box as well.

A quick glance at his pages on the Telegraph's website offers the reader a wide variety of subjects, from an apologia on free trade aimed at G20 protesters to rants about 'elf and safety' all liberally sprinkled with Borisisms such as 'cretinous crusties', 'poppycock' and 'tumbling idiot'. It's worth reading if only to learn some new phrases.

Despite providing golden opportunities for satirists and bloggers, he claims his comments are 'frivolous', though the millions of Londoners affected by the economic downturn probably won't agree. Still, at least with such a lucrative second job, the mayor should be able to afford to pay for his own taxis.

Last Updated 14 July 2009


Hmmm. Although I don't think there's anything wrong with Boris having a lucrative second job (as long as it doesn't demonstrably interfere with his mayoral commitments), he really is a fool to describe that sort of sum as "chicken feed". Most insensitive.

The Telegraph obviously have money to burn, mind you. I wonder how many 'good' writers they could commission for that sort of cash.


The Daily Mash have it all sussed out: Boris owns a giant chicken.


In terms of star columnists, Boris' Telegraph salary is indeed chicken feed -- both Mad Mel Phillips and Dick Littlejohn of the Mail earn more than £1 million a year for their scabrous rantings.


Dear God, Littlejohn on £1m+? What is the world coming to.