Consultation On Cleaning Up Camden

By Lindsey Last edited 114 months ago
Consultation On Cleaning Up Camden

By Baroness▫� �� via the Londonist Flickrpool
Camden High Street may have been invaded by corporate retailers and live under constant threat of redevelopment that will wipe out its lively, grungy, markety, grubby, north London charm but we thought we could always rely on it to be covered in bars and clubs catering for pleasure seekers of all kinds, be it high end trendy or down at heel boozy. However, residents' complaints about drunks and the inevitable stinky effluent and noise from said drunks has sparked a mass council consultation on whether it's time to change Camden's licencing laws and limit the number of entertainment venues on the patch.

We hope it's not as Camden's reputation for partying is probably its USP and long may it prosper once every other vestige of its alternative heritage has been erased. But the locals must have their say and in the meantime they'll be pleased to hear a new team of street pastors hit the High Street this Friday to scrape drunks out of gutters and chase the devil from their door.

Last Updated 03 July 2009